Creative Goal Setting

Most goals are chosen with the best of intentions, but in hindsight tend exclude some important elements that impact how you eventual achieve what you want. Without the time, space and support to take a closer look at what is in the way, you can lose momentum, become frustrated and abandon what you want to achieve. However, awareness changes everything and will illuminate for us what we need to know in order to take the next step.

Knowing who you are, what your life is like and why this particular goal is important to you will provide a solid foundation for creating realistic goals. Linking this knowledge with Karol's Therapeutic Coaching© methodology will propel you step by step towards what you want. TC© Coaching integrates:

With these three strategies, you will no longer do what you "think" you should do but actually choose what is right to do. How will you know? You will learn to trust what both your instinct and intellect are telling you. That is the power of TC© Coaching.

The best clients for TC© Coaching are people who are motivated, have insight about why they are struggling and are open to working with body-mind methods.

For more information about individual TC© Coaching sessions: Contact Karol.

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